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"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

~ Maya Angelou ~


Writer's Bio

Nicole has spent the last couple of years as a Web Designer, building websites for small Business owners. A natural creative at heart, Nicole realised that the time spent being creative with the design of other's brands could be better channeled into her own creative projects - namely, writing.
As a very young child, Nicole spent many hours painting landscapes, writing poems and short stories and taking photos of wildlife in her garden, but as time went on and life got in the way, her creative side took a back seat. At college however, she had a chance to be creative again, studying Performaing Arts and choreographing the college musical My Fair Lady being a major highlight, as well as various dance performances at Westend Theatres.

After college she spent a couple of years teaching youths from challenging backgrounds how to dance, act, and dj-ing skills; and it was during this time that she realised the impact that a lack of general knowledge, education and guidance was having on our new generations.

The inspiration for her first piece of work 'Blackie', came from almost a decade spent in a world that she never thought she would ever witness, let alone be a part of. That of the very wealthy, and very White. However, this experience brought back the previous realisation that society loves to pigeon hole people - it is in our DNA to analyse both people and situations as quickly as possible, to understand what, or who, we're dealing with. Unfortunately, as a Black woman living in a world that seemed to hold her back solely due to these stereotypes, Nicole realised that something needed to change - including her own perceptions of others. 

Now, Nicole's focus is to be the best example she can be to her son, allowing him to grow as an individual whilst also learning from him how to operate as a likeable human being in our modern society. Nicole is hoping to improve perceptions of the 'middle class' black community (from all sides of society, including the working class black community); and she is passionate about highlighting the importance of education and environmental issues in today's society.

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