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Several locations will be used in producing this series, such as a shopping mall, a theatre, a village on the Norfolk coast, a village pub etc. Most images in the galleries below are the actual locations to be used for the TV series production.

Anton's Home

Anton's home is based on two locations; that of the writers actual home near Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire and her Husbands family home in Great Shelford, Cambridge. Slightly different in topography but similar in terms of 'wow' factor; the writers current home is set on a 4 acre small holding surrounded by trees and farmland, whereas the Great Shelford home is based in an historic village with an Upper class/upper middle class demographic.

Nat's Shared Flat

The base camp for the series is Nat's council flat, based on a mixture of the writer's town centre Victorian flat that she shared with her son as a single mum, and also her family home based in Paston, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. 

The Country Shoot

An integral part of Nat's growth happens within the shooting community, as it has been in real life for the writer.  The top notch shoots take place on private estates, and we have based this on the writer's experience of shooting with George W Topham on his private estate in South Creake, Norfolk.