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Blackie - 6 part Comedy series (1 hour) - pilot episode complete.

Blackie is a comedy that with each episode leads the protagonist through experiences that challenge the other characters (and the audience) not to pre-judge her, and also challenge Nat’s own view of the world, allowing her to grow as a person. It is a true story, each episode based on real situations that have happened in the writer’s own life.

Blackie also highlights the still evident stereotyping that is prolific in our society, whilst also educating the audience that they can break through these stereotypes by letting go of their own fixed ideas and prejudices about the world, being more open, curious, and accepting of change.

Dependant - 6 part Drama series (1 hour) - in early development.

An original, hard hitting, emotional story based on true life. Rarely do we see the truth behind the veiled 


An army wife, transitioning from ‘civi life' to 'army wife’. Watching the roller coaster unfold. Following the wife and her side to their life. Going from an independent career woman to a 'dependent'. Being stripped of everything she worked so hard for. Then she takes 1 phone call that changes everything. Watch her get her sparkle back!

What Susan Sees - 3 part Drama special (1 hour) - in early development.

Troubled teen Naomi faces many battles during her fight to be heard in an unforgiving society - but the main battle she faces is that of convincing both her family and her acquaintances that her sister Susan is not all that she seems...

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