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A New Drama TV Series
Written by Nicole Moore & Verity Slattery

"From City Life to Army Wife."


Ellie Gold is a mid 20’s, well travelled, white single woman, on the cusp of making it in the world of tv and radio. She has been networking her butt off in the big smoke, fighting off the competition, taking the knock backs head on but they are beginning to dent her confidence. She put her (disastrous) love life on hold to pursue her dreams, hoping one day to be able to support her family.

Then, a chance meeting with a soldier whilst she is on holiday changes her life as she knows it. She gets caught up in a whirlwind romance, leading to marriage within 6 months of meeting the soldier. She leaves behind her friends, family and career to give her all as an army 'dependant', giving up her passport and it seems, all human rights in the process. With 1 suitcase and her husband by her side, she embarks on her new life where she isn’t accepted into the ‘institution’ straight away. She has to try and prove herself, but it isn’t easy. Ellie loses herself slowly piece by piece over the years, giving all of her strength to her husband, becoming his wife, mentor, therapist, financial advisor and more; until a phone call late one night reminds her of who she once was and gives her confidence back! And so her double life begins.


Based on a true story and isn’t your typical army wife tale. This is the story of a modern military wife, fighting to have her voice heard and to not be forgotten about like many of the ‘unsung heroes’.

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Characters - dependant

Character Breakdown

(Played by Billie Piper)

Barmy, blonde, bombshell… Or at least she was..

A wild child with a hunger for success. An open book, wearing her heart on her sleeve always, with her kindness often mistaken for weakness. Developed a chameleon persona, she plays up to the blonde bimbo alter ego (phoenix). Alcohol is her confidence boosting friend. Once met, never forgotten. The life and soul of any event. But when the cameras stop rolling and she sobers up, behind closed doors is a lonely lost soul longing to be loved. 


A well travelled, free spirit. Never questioning herself or doubting who she is and what she is capable of achieving - until she meets her soldier boy husband. We watch her become a reclusive, emotionally detached shadow of her former self, dependant on 2 men to fill a void that she doesn’t understand. One who doesn’t live up to the dream he sold her and the other using her to feed his sexual addiction. Ellie allows this to continue as she has conditioned herself to believe the way to a man's heart is in his bed.


Screenshot 2023-06-29 13.12.34.png
jack oconnell.jpg

(Played by Harry Styles/Jack O'Connell)

Ellie’s husband - A serious soldier. Negative, unmotivated, everything is so much effort for him. Rough around the edges. Old before his time. No conversation unless it involves his job. Has no interest in the wife or what she finds interesting. Goes from 0 -100. Reacts with an aggressive argumentative tone. He has family and life issues. As much as he denies it, he wanted a mother figure. His mum suffocated him with love as a child, but was this love or control? He is a complex character.

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