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Audience & Channels - Blackie

Blackie is suitable for an adult audience, and will be especially relatable to the working classes. It would work across both streaming and live TV channels due to the characters and the storylines, which reach the young streaming demographic and an older audience of parents and empty nesters. For live TV channels a post-watershed broadcasting time would be best due to the nature of the language.

This ia a key audience for Blackie - the modern working family. The parents in their 30s and 40s who have held set opinions for many years. Those from a white background who think 'racism doesn't still exist does it?' And similarly those from a black and mixed background who have the 'only white people do' or 'only white people can' mentality. We want to reach this audience by getting away from the 'princess outta the hood' narrative; and changing it from "if I can do it, so can you", to "I did it without thinking twice about my colour or class - it isn't even a factor!"

It is also important to reach the younger audience - the teens and mid twenties. The students who think their path in life is governed by what they study and don't have a plan b, or who aren't open to lifes' opportunities. Those who are still forming their opinions of people and society, and are therefore in prime position to be educated.

In another way, Blackie is simply for everyone; a path linking the lost history of our countryside community with a society that's lost in technology, broken family ties and factory farming.

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